Every Girl is Important


Progress in education is not reaching the marginalized.

The academic system in the East African country of Kenya is, unfortunately, one that can not offer equal access to education to all of its students. We are seeking to build a boarding high school in Western Kenya to create an opportunity for Kenyan girls to grow cognitively, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In the last couple of months, we have made significant progress and have already acquired the land on which to build the high school for girls along with architectural plans. But despite these advancements, we still need your help to realize this project.

There are many young adolescent girls who do not have an opportunity to pursue high school education. These girls we seek to serve are born into poverty in villages surrounding Eldoret, Kenya, a town near the border with Uganda. Many of the girls who will attend the school live in villages located a long distance from Eldoret, the site of the high school. For this reason, we would like the girls to live on school grounds. The girls are willing to make valuable contributions to society and should have the opportunity to spend their youth as high school students. The nuns and the girls’ families cannot afford to build the school and thus they need your help. They need a school in which they can gain knowledge and dispositions needed to build a thriving community. These girls will receive an education delivered by professional educators in the Sisters of Assumption congregation.

Despite progress, millions are still denied the chance to go to school.

Architectural Design of the School

Construction is set to begin as soon as we reach $50,000. We anticipate that construction will be completed during 2017. The architect is working pro bono to ensure that the school is finished on the estimated timeline. The architect's plan appears below.

Leadership Team

Diane Rodriguez, Ph.D. (Project Director)
Email: drodriguez11@fordham.edu Phone: 212-636-7070

Sister Veronica Rop, Ph.D. (Project Co-Director)

Lissette Bixler (Project Co-Director)

Gloria Pelaez, Ed.D. (Project Associate)

Carlos Otero (Project Associate)

Kemuel Sanchez (Project Associate)

Bradley Bixler (Project Media Services)