Our Mission

The mission of Every Girl is Important is to help Kenyan girls obtain a high school education and break the cycle of poverty in their community. Every Girl is Important, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, is seeking partners: charitable organizations, businesses, foundations, policymakers, celebrities, teachers, students, and grassroots activists to fundraise and build a boarding school for girls age 11-17 in Eldoret, Kenya. We believe in educating girls who face barriers to education that boys do not. Giving girls in Kenya, one of the poorest countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, a secondary education can change their lives, villages, country, and the world. Let’s work together to build a self-sustaining girls boarding high school to dismantle the barriers that impede their academic growth and improve their lives and communities.

Progress in education is not reaching the marginalized.

There are many young adolescent girls who do not have an opportunity to pursue high school education. These girls we seek to serve are born into poverty in villages surrounding Eldoret, Kenya, a town near the border with Uganda. Many of the girls who will attend the school live in villages located a long distance from Eldoret, the site of the high school. For this reason, we would like the girls to live on school grounds. The girls are willing to make valuable contributions to society and should have the opportunity to spend their youth as high school students. The nuns and the girls’ families cannot afford to build the school and thus they need your help. They need a school in which they can gain knowledge and dispositions needed to build a thriving community. These girls will receive an education delivered by professional educators in the Sisters of Our Lady of Assumption congregation.


Need for the Project

Today in Kenya, one million children are unable to attend school representing the ninth-highest percent of children not being schooled worldwide. There is a high percent of the adult population that is not able to read or write due to the lack of schools or the accessibility of schools closer to the children’s neighborhoods. The need is even greater for secondary education access, forcing a significant number of school children to drop school after just six years. For girls, opportunities for secondary schooling are limited since many of them live in villages located at long distances from schools. Making a self-sustaining boarding high school for girls is one of the most practical ways of providing secondary schooling to those girls, creating a space where they can both live and thrive. In Eldoret, there are no secondary schools available for girls. To ensure inclusive and equitable education, and provide opportunities for Kenyan girls age 11-17 who live in poor, rural villages and are denied one of the most important basic needs, an education, the Assumption Sisters of Eldoret and Every Girl is Important Not-for-Profit Association have embarked on starting a girls secondary boarding school. Our Lady of Assumption Girls Secondary School will serve orphans and vulnerable, financially-challenged girls living in poor, rural villages surrounding Eldoret, Kenya. Although the Assumption Sisters have the educators/teachers, curriculum, and land, they do not have the building to house this school. The projected building will cost $100,000.00.

Despite progress, millions are still denied the chance to go to school.

Architectural Design of the School

Construction is set to begin as soon as we reach $50,000. We anticipate that construction will be completed during 2017. The architect is working pro bono to ensure that the school is finished on the estimated timeline. The architect's plan appears below.

Leadership Team

Diane Rodriguez, Ph.D., Project Director
Email: drodriguez11@fordham.edu Phone: 212-636-7070

Sister Veronica Rop, Ph.D., Project Co-Director

Gerald Cattaro, Ph.D., Professor, Fordham University

Angela Carrasquillo, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, Fordham University

Carola Grundman, Co-founder, Pusteblume International Preschool

Hilary Guberman, Editor

Tamara Miller, Esq. Attorney at Law

Lissette Rodriguez, Consultant

Gloria Pelaez, Ed.D.,   Dean and Professor, St. Thomas University

Socorro Herrera, Ed.D.,   Professor, Kansas State University

Carlos Rosario, Project Coordinator

Annie Valdivia, Consultant

Carlos Otero, Consultant

Bradley Bixler, Media Specialist

Alumnae Association of Sigma Lambda Gamma

The New York City Alumnae Association of Sigma Lambda Gamma, along with bloggers Ashley Rodriguez and Nelia Rodriguez, organized the Beauty Brunch event to raise money for the Every Girl Is Important project to build a high school for girls in Eldoret, Kenya. Ashley and Nelia secured sponsorships from beauty brands for swag bags and raffles. Attendees enjoyed brunch, swag bags, and learned more about the project to further education for girls.




Dr. Diane Rodriguez

Email: everygirlisimportant@gmail.com
Phone: 212-636-7070